We are Daniel and Maruša, a married couple and destination wedding filmmakers & photographers based in Slovenia. Coming from 2 different countries – one from Chile, the other from Slovenia, we speak 5 languages (Slovene, Spanish, English, German, Croatian) which is very practical when working worldwide. And also, thanks to our different cultural heritage – we are pretty skilled to adapt to each other and also to the couples we work with.

Our story began in a totally non-romantic environment of hospital ICU, one being there as a patient and the other as a doctor. After that, our lives changed and we realised we want to spend it together. We married on a beautiful terrace of Hotel Piran , overlooking the sea, just us and our witnesses. Not a typical Slovene wedding:)

Both skilled, with knowledge of photography and videography, we opened our company DFilm Pictures and couple’s stories are a part of our brand ‘’Wedding tales by DFilm Pictures’’.

ln times of covid epidemic we started also another passion of ours – that is collecting, filming, photographing & reviewing niche perfumes. Parts of them we also managed to bring here in this part of the world (in Europe) in our Online Exclusive niche perfume store and they are a perfect relaxation for us and also can be a luxurious and not-forgettable wedding gift for yourself or the ones you love.

”One of the things that makes our marriage particularly powerful is the fact that we are both passionate and committed to filming movies & taking nice shots.”